Waltenheim sur Zorn

Discovering wildlife and vegetation
Waltenheim sur Zorn, a city full of character

Waltenheim sur Zorn, a village located in the Zorn valley between the Vosges to the west, the Alsace plain to the east, the hills of Pays de Hanau to the north and the heights of Kochersberg to the south, is a small town with a population of just 1000 people. The 308 ha Fallberg forest, belonging to this village, is located near Dossenheim.”

This large region, located near the border of Alsace and Lorraine, will offer you the opportunity to discover a rich history as it was occupied for a long time by different Celtic and Ligurian peoples, of which many testimonies can still be found.

Waltenheim sur Zorn invites you to travel to the heart of nature, in a preserved environment.

From the Rhône to the Rhine, a cultural navigation:

You will sail south on the Rhône-Rhine Canal, which will take you to the city of Strasbourg (32 km away), the Alsatian and European capital, renowned for its remarkable architectural heritage, making it a city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This canal, formerly called the Napoleon Canal, was put into service in 1833 after undergoing its first work aimed at connecting Alsace with the Côte d’Or and the Doubs. This canal experienced its first upheavals as a result of an industrial project in 1882 to allow for the transportation of heavy goods (timber, coal, sand, and petroleum products). Today mainly practiced by river tourism, the Rhône-Rhine Canal offers you the opportunity to navigate the waters of Strasbourg.

Navigation on the Marne-Rhine Canal

You will sail west on the Marne-Rhine Canal, in lands of character with unique landscapes, passing through the historic town of Saverne (16 km) and the Arzviller inclined plane (boat lift), which is a unique infrastructure in Europe, replacing 17 closely spaced locks on its own. With its classical works (West Tunnel, Réchicourt Lock), this canal offers a complete change of scenery. Known in river tourism for being a sinuous canal with a strong character, as it crosses the Vosges Mountains, it will show you amazing and unique landscapes.

Boat rental in Alsace

The Hansel and Gretel house by the water, dating from 1888, refurbished in 2005, with a unique 80 sqm fresco on the facade painted by Roland Perret, an Alsatian artist.

Well served by local products, Alsatian cuisine is very original. The use of fine goose or pork fat adds a lot of flavor to dishes. Lorraine cuisine, on the other hand, is rightfully proud of its charcuterie and pastries.

Among the regional specialties that you can savor: Sauerkraut, Lorraine Pâté, Coq au Riesling, Trout and Carp, Game in season (Deer, Wild Boar, Hare, etc.), Lorraine Quiche, Flammkuchen, Blueberry Tart, Mirabelle Tart, Baeckeofe (a dish of meats marinated in a terrine with white wine), Flammenküeche (a thin-crust flammkuchen topped with onions, bacon, and white cheese).
The typical wines of Alsace are Riesling, Pinot Noir, and Gewürztraminer; they should be consumed fresh (even red wine). Alsatian wines (Sylvaner, Riesling), Hochfelden beer, kouglof, and Saint-Nicolas.

The Météor brewery in Hochfelden is the last independent and artisanal brewery in Alsace.

Arzviller Inclined Plane in Strasbourg, European and Alsatian Capital.

Starting from Waltenheim sur Zorn:

Waltenheim sur Zorn to Strasbourg, Waltenheim sur Zorn: 48 km, 15 locks, 10 hours
Waltenheim sur Zorn to Saverne, Waltenheim sur Zorn: 44km, 12 locks, 12 hours

Weekend one-way
Waltenheim sur Zorn to Languimberg: 66 km, 26 locks, 16 hours.

Waltenheim sur Zorn to Saverne, Lutzelbourg, Arzviller, Niderviller and back to Waltenheim sur Zorn: 94km, 51 locks, 28 hours.

One week
From Waltenheim sur Zorn to Strasbourg and back, then to Saverne and back to Waltenheim sur Zorn: 107 km, 59 locks, 25 hours.

Two weeks
Waltenheim sur Zorn to Saverne, Arzviller, Sarreguemines, back to Waltenheim sur Zorn: 256 km, 105 locks, 60 hours
Waltenheim sur Zorn to Saverne, Arzviller, Dombasle, Nancy, back to Waltenheim sur Zorn: 256 km, 95 locks, 56 hours.

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