Discovering Alsace by Water: River Boat Rentals

Alsace: A Land of Tradition and Wealth

Discover all of our tourist information starting from Waltenheim sur Zorn and from Languimberg. Visit Hochfelden and its first brewery founded in 1640. Rent a boat without a license and navigate through the heart of the wildlife and flora on the Rhone-Rhine and Marne-Rhine canals. Discover a unique landscape at the border of Alsace and Lorraine.


You will pass by a large number of monuments such as castles and mills. The landscapes you will cross, between forests and ponds, will amaze you.
Along the Canal de la Marne au Rhin, you will discover the Moselle’s riches such as the Saint-Louis Arzviller inclined plane, the Dabo rock or Phalsbourg, “the Nursery of the Brave”. Upon arriving in Alsace, you will use the Artzviller-Lutzelbourg elevator, with its unique tunnel and inclined plane in Europe! The boats and barges are transported by this ferry on a slope of 41% and a length of 128 meters.


The canal will also take you to Strasbourg, offering a stunning panorama of hop fields, green valleys, and archaeological sites. Renting a boat in Alsace ensures that you can visit Strasbourg, the seventh-largest city in France and the European and Alsatian capital. For lovers of monuments, good food, and culture, this young city offers many riches and places to discover.

The old city center, surrounded by the Ill river, is definitely the most picturesque and aesthetic part of the city. It brings together the main places and monuments that make Strasbourg famous: admire a wonder of Gothic art with Notre-Dame Cathedral, prepare yourself for a journey back in time with the Kammerzell House, discover an unusual place with Petite France, a neighborhood on the water or the covered bridges. With river tourism in Alsace, come and appreciate life on the water.

Cette culture gastronomique et viticole n’attends que vous pour dévoiler tous ses secrets !

Gastronomic and Wine-Making Tradition in Alsace

Alsace is an essential region to discover French terroir. A land of customs but also of amazing gastronomic specialties, Alsace will undoubtedly satisfy the most demanding gourmets among you. The know-how and taste present in both savory and sweet dishes distinguish this cuisine. The sharing of good things and the art of receiving, traditional French customs, are especially present in Alsace, and can be found in the flavors emanating from each typical Alsatian dish.

Gingerbread, foie gras, liqueurs, wines, pastries… This region cultivates the taste of dishes that will not leave you indifferent in terms of flavor. When the sun is out, don’t hesitate and rush to discover this Alsatian heritage by taking the many gastronomic routes of the region: the sauerkraut route, the chocolate route, the cheese route…

The most famous of all, the Alsace Wine Route, renowned worldwide, winds its way from north to south of the region, from Marlenheim in the north to Thann in the south, through the hills of the vineyard over more than 170 kilometers. Along this route, more than 300 vineyards and 49 of the 51 Grand Crus come together. The winstubs and tasting rooms, fresh and welcoming, tell the story of wine at all times. Many wine festivals are organized in the summer and autumn.

This gastronomic and wine culture is waiting for you to reveal all its secrets!

Attraits touristiques 

Saverrie: the historic town, the Haut Barr Castle
The Rohan Castle
Lagarde, a typically Lorraine village, in the Lorraine Regional Natural Park
Xouaxange, its old church, its fortified tower, and the ruins of its castle
Steinbourg: the castle, the stork reintroduction center
The great lock of Rechicourt
Lutzelbourg: the ruins of the castle, the Serge Würm glass factory
Alsatian gastronomy and wines
The Arzviller summer toboggan run
The Fénétrange Castle
The Brumath Adventure Park (tree climbing, paintball, treasure hunt…)
Sarrebourg, with the Chagall stained glass window at the Chapel of the Cordeliers
The town of Sarreguemines and its pottery circuit
The Willer Mill, the last mill in the Sarre basin operating with hydraulic power (visit and flour sales)
The Gondrexange Pond, a renowned fishing spot
The Nature Park of Horse, for a family day out

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River Tourism Photo Gallery in Alsace

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For itinerary suggestions, please visit our bases page :

Starting from Waltenheim sur Zorn :

Waltenheim sur Zorn to Strasbourg and back: 48 km, 15 locks, 10 hours.
Waltenheim sur Zorn to Saverne and back: 44 km, 12 locks, 12 hours.

One-way weekend trip
Waltenheim sur Zorn to Languimberg: 66 km, 26 locks, 16 hours

Waltenheim sur Zorn to Saverne, Lutzelbourg, Arzviller, Niderviller and back: 94 km, 51 locks, 28 hours

One week
Waltenheim sur Zorn to Saverne, Lutzelbourg, Arzviller, Niderviller and back: 94 km, 51 locks, 28 hours

Two weeks
Waltenheim sur Zorn to Saverne, Arzviller, Sarreguemines, and back: 256 km, 105 locks, 60 hours

Waltenheim sur Zorn to Saverne, Arzviller, Dombasle, Nancy, and back: 256 km, 95 locks, 56 hours

Starting from Languimberg

Departure from Port du Houillon:
Port du Houillon to Arzviller and back: 59 km, 2 locks, 10 hours.
Port du Houillon to Lagarde and back: 42 km, 14 locks, 10 hours.
Port du Houillon to Mittersheim and back: 36 km, 26 locks, 11 hours

One-way weekend trip
Port du Houillon to Waltenheim-sur-Zorn: 66 km, 26 locks, 16 hours

Departure from Port du Houillon: Port du Houillon to Saverne and back: 86 km, 28 locks, 20 hours.
Port du Houillon to Dombasle sur Meurthe et Moselle and back: 104 km, 34 locks, 22 hours.
Port du Houillon to St Philin and back: 120 km, 34 locks, 22 hours

One week
Departure from Port du Houillon: Port du Houillon to Sarreguemines Lagarde and back: 166 km, 68 locks, 39 hours.
Port du Houillon to Pompey and back: 153 km, 46 locks, 32 hours.
Port du Houillon to Hochfelden and back: 120 km, 48 locks, 29 hours

Two weeks
Departure from Port du Houillon: Port du Houillon to Lagarde, Nancy, Toul, Neuves Maisons, Arzviller and back: 254 km, 74 locks, 52 hours.
Port du Houillon to Sarreguemines, Lagarde, Nancy and back: 256 km, 96 locks, 56 hours.
Port du Houillon to Boofzheim and back: 228 km, 88 locks, 53 hours.